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0.75 Ton Manual Lever Chain Hoist Heavy Duty 3M Hook Lift

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The 0.75 Ton Manual Lever Chain Hoist Heavy Duty 3M Hook Lift is the perfect hoist for your lifting needs! With a compact structure, made from durable material and simple components, this chain lever hoist boasts convenience and a long service time you can rely on. Not only that, but it has two swivel hooks with a security latch allowing 360° rotation with no restrictions – perfect for lifting up to 1600 lbs at a time! The rubber-wrapped handle features a unique texture that’s non-slip yet comfortable to hold so you can always operate in maximum comfort. It even has a 10 ft stainless steel hand chain of 0.75T lifting capacity making it incredibly resistant to wears and corrode. Most importantly, it also boasts excellent braking system support with its fracture system being firm enough to manage large cargo via rotation. Get the job done with the 0.75 Ton Manual Lever Chain Hoist Heavy Duty 3M Hook Lift – trust us when we say you won't be disappointed!

Compact Structure With its durable material and simple structure, this chain lever hoist undoubtedly assures convenient use and long service time.
Two Swivel Hooks & 1600 lbs The heavy-duty hook has a security latch and supports 360° rotation without any limitation, which gives you more room to operate. Moreover, it is capable of lifting 1600 lbs loads up.
User-Friendly Handle The rubber-wrapped handle with a unique texture is very labor-saving, non-slipping, and comfortable to hold.
10 ft Sturdy Chain It is equipped with stainless steel hand chain for resistance to wear and corrode. The chain is of 0.75T lifting capacity and 3 m in length.
Reliable Braking System The fracture system of the chain hoist is firm, which effectively supports the movement of large cargo through the rotation of the wheel shaft. In addition, premium brake makes it more stable and dramatically ensures your security during operation.
Wide Application It can be widely used to install machines, lifting goods, and dragging loads in transport, workshops and so on.
  • Capacity: 1600 lbs 0.75 T
  • Lifting Height:10 ft / 3M
  • Effort Required to Lift Max Load N:148
  • Chain Diameter: 0.248" 6.3 mm
  • Net Weight:17 lbs / 7.83 kg
  • Net Weight: 7.83kg/17lb
  • Chain Grade: G80
  • Certification: CE
  • Brand Name: VEVOR 

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  • 1 X 0.75 Ton Manual Lever Chain Hoist Heavy Duty 3M Hook Lift