100pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit - Silver Black Gold

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Are you ready to impress your guests? Get the perfect party decor with our 100pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit! With a selection of colors including black, silver, gold, and white, these balloons are perfect for any occasion—from weddings, gender reveals and new born celebrations to birthdays and graduations. A few clicks, and you’ll be all set for an unforgettable event! Our kit includes 1pcs 18-inch Black Balloon and 5pcs 10-inch Black Balloon, 10 5-inch Black Balloons; 2pcs 18-inch Silver Balloons and 10 10-inch Silver Balloons plus 20pcs 5-inch Silver Balloons; 1pc 18 inch Chrome Gold Balloon and 10 pcs 10-inch Chrome Gold Balloon plus 20pcs 5-inch Chrome Gold Balloons as well as 1pc 18 inch White Balloon plus 10 pcs 10-inch White Balloons with another 10 pcs 5-Inch White Balloons. To make it even easier for you, we’ve included dot glue and a 5m balloon chain so that everything is at hand for you when decorating. Transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary parties with WE PARTY’s 100pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Decoration Kit!

  • Material: Latex
  • Brand Name: WE PARTY
Package includes
  • 1pcs 18inch Black Balloons
  • 5pcs 10inch Black Balloons
  • 10pcs 5inch Black Balloons
  • 2pcs 18inch Silver Balloons
  • 10pcs 10inch Silver Balloons
  • 20pcs 5inch Silver Balloons
  • 1pcs 18inch Chrome Gold Balloons
  • 10pcs 10inch Chrome Gold Balloons
  • 20pcs 5inch Chrome Gold Balloons
  • 1pcs 18inch White Balloons
  • 10pcs 10inch White Balloons
  • 10pcs 5inch White Balloons
  • 1pack Dot Glue
  • 1pack 5m Balloon Chain