101pcs Party Decor Balloons Arch Garland Kit - Chrome Rose Gold

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Looking to add some extra flair to your next party or event? Look no further than this 101pcs Party Decor Balloons Arch Garland Kit! This all-inclusive kit comes with everything you need to create a stunning balloon garland arch, perfect for any occasion.

The kit includes 15 10-inch metallic balloons, 20 5-inch metallic balloons, 3 18-inch rose gold balloons, 15 10-inch rose gold balloons, 20 5-inch rose gold balloons, 3 18-inch macaron pink balloons, 15 10-inch macaron pink balloons, 10 10-inch macaron white balloons, 1 5m balloon chain, and 1 100 point glue. With such a variety of colors and sizes of balloons included, you can create a truly unique look that is sure to impress your guests.

Whether you're decorating for a birthday party, wedding shower, baby shower, or any other event, this balloon garland kit is the perfect way to add some extra style and personality. So go ahead and let your creativity shine with this 101pcs Party Decor Balloons Arch Garland Kit! 

  • Brand Name: WE PARTY
  • Sizes : Various
  • Material : Latex

Package includes 101pcs

  • 15 pcs 10-inch metallic balloons
  • 20 pcs 5-inch metallic balloons
  • 3 pcs 18-inch metal rose gold balloons
  • 15 pcs 10-inch metal rose gold balloons
  • 20 pcs 5-inch metal rose gold balloons
  • 3 pcs 18-inch macaron pink balloons
  • 15 pcs 10-inch macaron pink balloons
  • 10 pcs 10-inch macaron white balloons
  • 1 pcs 5m balloon chain, 1 pcs 100 point glue