104pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit - Peach Blue White Gold

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Looking for the perfect addition to your party decor that makes a statement? Look no further than WE PARTY's 10pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit! This incredible kit comes with 104 pieces of gradient peach, blue, and white balloons to bring your special occasion to life. With five, 12-inch skin color balloons and 10 10-inch skin color balloons as well as 1 12-inch gold balloon and 15 10-inch gold balloons, you're sure to set the backdrop for a memorable soiree. Add 3 12-inch blue balloons, 10 10-inch blue balloons, 20 5-inch blue balloons, 5 12-inch white balloons, 10 10-inch white balloons, 15 5-inch white balloons - plus 100 dot glue dots measuring up to a whopping 5 meters of Balloon Chain! Do it in style with WE PARTY's 10pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit - where every day is a celebration worth celebrating.

  • Quantity: 104pcs
  • Material: Latex
  • Color: Blue,Peach,White,Gold
  • Brand Name: WE PARTY 

Package List:

  • 5pcs 12inch Skin Color Balloons
  • 10pcs 10inch Skin Color Balloons
  • 15pcs 5inch Skin Color Balloons
  • 1pcs 12inch Gold Balloon
  • 15pcs 10inch Gold Balloons
  • 3pcs 12inch Blue Balloons
  • 10pcs 10inch Blue Balloons
  • 20pcs 5inch Blue Balloons
  • 5pcs 12inch White Balloons
  • 10pcs 10inch White Balloons
  • 15pcs 5inch White Balloons
  • 1pcs 5m Balloon Chain
  • 100pcs Dot glue

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