111pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit - Navy Blue Chrome Gold

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Gather up extra flair for your upcoming event with the 111pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit from WE PARTY! This unique garland is perfect for providing an eye-catching accent in any surrounding, and will make all of your guests smile. It comes with a variety of balloons in navy blue, white, and chrome gold, including two 18-inch matte navy blue and two 18-inch matte white balloons; two 12-inch chrome gold balloons; twenty 5-inch matte navy blue, fifteen 10-inch matte navy blue, and ten 5-inch matte white balloons; twenty 5-inch chrome gold, and twenty 10-inch chrome gold balloons. In addition to these floats, you'll get a five meter balloon chain and one dot glue package to complete your décor. Get creative as you combine these stylish hues together - or add other accents like confetti or pompoms! With everything from receptions to gender reveals covered by this professional yet witty decoration kit, everyone will enjoy what you have in store for them! 

  • Number of Pcs: 111pcs
  • Material: Latex
  • Brand Name: WE PARTY

Package Incs

  • 2pcs 18inch Matte Navy Blue Balloons
  • 2pcs 18inch Matte White Balloons
  • 2pcs 12inch Chrome Gold Balloons
  • 15pcs 5inch Matte Navy Blue Balloons
  • 20pcs 10inch Matte Navy Blue Balloons
  • 10pcs 5inch Matte White Balloons
  • 20pcs 10inch Matte White Balloons
  • 20pcs 5inch Chrome Gold Balloons
  • 20pcs 10inch Chrome Gold Balloons
  • 1pcs 5m Balloon Chain
  • 1pack Dot Glue