112pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit - Chrome Gold Silver

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Transform your celebration into a majestic affair with this 112 pcs Latex Balloon Garland Arch Party Decoration Kit from WE PARTY! This kit makes it so easy to get the perfect decoration for any party event. Whether it's a wedding and engagement, grand event, gender reveal, birthday party, Christmas party or New Year’s bash - this garland decoration set kits is all you need to bring some sparkle and shine to the occasion. Each set includes 2pcs 18inch Gold Balloons, 20pcs 10inch Gold Balloons, 10pcs 5inch Gold Balloons, 20pcs 10inch Black Balloons, 10pcs 5inch Black Balloons, 20pcs 10inch Pearl White Balloons, 20pcs 5inch Pearl White Balloons, 10pcs 5 inch Silver Balloons, 1pcs 5m Balloon Chain and 100pc Dot glue. With so many balloons in one place such a magnificent effect can be created that your guests will remember for years to come. Make your celebration an unforgettable one with this specialized 112 pcs Latex Balloon Garland arch Party Decoration Kit from WE PARTY!

  • Number of Pcs: 112pcs
  • Material: Latex
  • Brand Name: WE PARTY 

Package Incs

  • 2pcs 18inch Gold Balloons
  • 20pcs 10inch Gold Balloons
  • 10pcs 5inch Gold Balloons
  • 20pcs 10inch Black Balloons
  • 10pcs 5inch Black Balloons
  • 20pcs 10inch Pearl White Balloons
  • 20pcs 5inch Pearl White Balloons
  • 10pcs 5inch Silver Balloons
  • 1pcs 5m Balloon Chain
  • 100pcs Dot glue