11pcs Network Combination PC Cable Wire Tester Crimping Cutter Punch Tools Kit Set

default: 11pcs Network Combination PC Cable Wire Tester Crimping Cutter Punch Tools Kit Set
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* Three pressure crimping pliers 4P / 6P / 8P crystal head for a variety of cable and telephone line compression joints, high hardness of the precision crimping die, durable and does not damage the network terminal
* 468 tester, using automatic scanning, fast test, streamlined shape, drop, light design
* 501 stripping knife, stripping line does not hurt the core, suitable for a variety of wire diameter, durable, blade positioning accuracy, to prevent damage to the cable, use only a few turns of the fingers, you can remove the cable sheath, more convenient practical
* KD-1 wire knife, the material for the steel, handle for the engineering plastics, high hardness metal blade and strong plastic composition, durable, has been used, used in cable, module and patch panel connection
* Mini card knife, a variety of stripping specifications, thick lines of arbitrary rotation, but also has a card line function
Material: Carbon steel
Color: black bag
Tester: 10x10cm
Screwdriver: 16cm
Crimping pliers: 20cm
Tool kit: 27x15x7cm
Package includes: 
1 x Tester
1 x Three crimping pliers
1 x Wire strippers
1 x Threading knife
1 x Finger button type stripper
1 x Mini small yellow knife
1 x 3mm Phillips screwdriver
1 x 3mm flat blade screwdriver
1 x 10pcs crystal head
1 x 10 compartment storage box
1 x Tool kit
Details pictures: 

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