Boxwood Laozi Taoism Sculpture Feng Shui Ornament Decoration

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Introducing the Boxwood Laozi Taoism Sculpture, a stunning piece of authentic historical sculpture crafted from luxurious boxwood. This exquisite wood is carved with meticulous attention to detail in an incredible 18 x 6 x 5cm shape that captures the iconic figure of Laozi, one of the most venerated figures in Taoism.

Bring elegance and beauty to your home décor with this timeless and eye-catching sculpture. The finesse and grace emanating from this impressive figure will add a touch of cultural sophistication to any room. Constructed with only the finest materials, this luxurious design makes for ideal Feng shui ornamentation, gracing homes with positive energy and auspicious omens.

Don’t miss out on this awe-inspiring piece, a truly unique take on historic artistry sure to set any display apart from the rest. Put it on display in your living area or bedroom for an ornate touch that won’t go unnoticed. Make every moment count with Boxwood Laozi Taoism Sculpture! 

  • Material: boxwood
  • Size : 18 x 6 x 5cm
  • Brand: Pengsent Living

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  • 1 x Boxwood Laozi Taoism Sculpture Feng Shui Ornament Decoration