Natural Wall Stick-on Catnip Ball Pet Cat Toy Treat

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Introducing the Natural Wall Stick-on Catnip Ball Pet Cat Toy Treat, a revolutionary treat for cats that provides plenty of healthy and fun entertainment. The main body of this cat toy is made from PP material, which is durable and can stand up to many hours of playtime. On the inside is filled with catnip scent beads that are sure to keep your feline friend engaged and active. Its wall-stick design allows it to be mounted onto any wall, keeping it off the ground and making it more accessible to cats. The bouncy and fragrant ball also features a vivid color palette with six options – Penguin Grey, Penguin Khaki, Penguin Blue, Hamster Yellow, Hamster Powder and Hamster Green – that will bring an extra degree of stimulation. Overall, this toy provides a great way to encourage physical activity in your aging pet while providing them with a tasty treat they’ll love. For cats over 6 months old, the Natural Wall Stick-on Catnip Ball Pet Cat Toy Treat offers an exciting way to provide positive reinforcement during their playtime routine.

Cat mint effect: a. It can soothe the cat's mood and make the cat no longer nervous. b. Stimulate the appetite of cats, suitable for cats with poor appetite. c. Make the cat more excited. d. It can help remove hair balls. If there are too many hair balls in the stomach, it will cause vomiting, effectively clean the teeth and keep the mouth clean.

360 ° rotation design: Allows the cat to lick evenly easily. The dust cover effectively prevents dust accumulation and odor.

Stickable: The back of the cat mint toy is designed with double-sided adhesive tape, which can be used to stick walls, windows, floors, table feet, etc., and can be played anytime and anywhere without being restricted by the site.

Cat toys: The chemicals released by cat mint can stimulate the cat's pheromone, make the cat hallucinate, become excited, and get close to the owner.

Tooth cleaning: By chewing the plant fiber in cat mint, it can penetrate into the teeth, help clean the teeth, improve the oral cavity, and effectively improve the difficulty of cat brushing teeth.


  • Type: cats
  • Toys Type: Catnip Toys
  • Material: PP+cat Catnip
  • Size: 60*43mm/2.36*1.69inch
  • Color: Penguin Grey, Penguin Khaki, Penguin Blue, Hamster Yellow, Hamster Powder, Hamster Green
  • Application: cat, recommended for cats over 6 months
  • Type: cats
  • Toys Type: Catnip Toys
  • Brand Name: VKTECH

Package incs

  • 1 x Natural Wall Stick-on Catnip Ball Pet Cat Toy Treat

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