2.4G Wireless Controller DVD Multimedia for PS4 Playstation 4

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2.4G Wireless Controller DVD Multimedia for PS4 Playstation 4


  • This product uses 2.4G wireless technology. When the console for PS4  and remote controller are connected, the DVD disc in for PS4 can be operated by operating the buttons on the remote controller.
  • Fast forward, fast backward, playback, pause, return, OPTION, TOP MENU, up, down, left, right keys and other functions can be executed.
  • The longest remote control distance can be up to 10 meters, remote control can not be achieved, the need for alignment with the main engine and other issues, to avoid some drawbacks of infrared remote control.
  • The remote controller is powered by two AAA batteries (excluding). The product supports the function of secondary connection, which facilitates the use of the follow-up remote controller.
  • When the remote controller is connected to the host, it will automatically enter the sleep state after 10 minutes without using the remote controller. In the dormant state, press any key of the remote control to wake up and support the automatic connection with for PS4 host.


  • Turn on the power of the host for PS4 and insert the 2.4G receiver into the host for PS4.
  • Install the remote controller for PS4 into two AAA 7 batterie(not included), short press the code key of the remote controller for PS4, and the search code indicator on the remote controller flickers. When the code is paired with the PS4 host, the code indicator on the remote controller for PS4 is extinguished.
  • After the remote controller is connected to the host for PS4, it can perform DVD remote control operation or menu selection and other functions. Note: When the remote controller plays DVD, if it can't control the playing of DVD, it means that the handle for PS4 is the main controller, it needs to press the "return" key of the remote controller, switch to the remote controller as the main controller, and then press the "return" key to return to play, then it can use the function keys on the remote controller to control the playing of DVD.
  • Dormancy mode: In order to save electricity, the remote control is not operated and used in 10 minutes, and it automatically enters the dormancy state.
  • Working state: After the remote controller is connected to the main engine for PS4, the code indicator lights go out.


  • Brand Name: ALLOYSEED
  • Operating Voltage of Remote Controller: DC 3.0V
  • Average operating current: ≤4mA
  • Standby Current: ≤10m
  • Working frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Size: 150*39*15mm/5.9*1.53*0.59''
  • Weight: 52g

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  • 1 x 2.4G Wireless Controller DVD Multimedia for PS4 Playstation 4

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