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5pc - 20pcs Fishing Lures Baits Set

5pc - 20pcs Fishing Lures Baits Set

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The VKTECH 5pc - 20pcs Fishing Lures Baits Set is the perfect set for any angler looking to improve their fishing performance. This set includes up to 20 pieces of ultra-durable metal fishing lures and a tackle bag for easy storage and transportation. These baits are specifically crafted to target trout, bass, bream, and other predatory fish that inhabit lakes and rivers. This set also includes a variety of lures from spoons to fake fish baits, giving you greater versatility on the water. The lures come in an EVA foam inner core/outer hard shell with a double-sided bait bag for optimal protection against damage during transport and storage. With this sophisticated range of lures, you'll be sure to catch even the most elusive prey in no time. Get your VKTECH Fishing Lures Baits Set today, and start catching bigger fish!


  • Suit: about 16 * 10.5 * 5cm/6.3*4.13*1.96in
  • Total weight: About 170g
  • Single bait: about 2.8-3cm/1.1*1.18in
  • Bait weight: about 2.5-5g
  • Package: EVA foam inner core, outer hard shell, double-sided bait bag
  • Feature9: fishing set
  • Feature8: trout
  • Feature7: spoon fishing
  • Feature6: fishing
  • Feature5: Fishing Storage Bag
  • Feature4: Lures Baits Set for Trout Bass
  • Feature3: Fishing Bait with Storage Bag
  • Feature2: Fishing Lures Baits Set
  • Feature12: Fishing spoons
  • Feature11: Fishing kit
  • Feature10: fake fish baits
  • Feature1: Metal Fishing Lures Baits
  • Feature: Fishing Spoons Lures
  • Brand Name: VKTECH
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  • 1 x 5pc - 20pcs Fishing Lures Baits Set
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