Thuja Wood Dragon Boat Wealth Carving Lucky Sculpture

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Ensure a prosperous future with this Thuja Wood Dragon Boat Wealth Carving Lucky Sculpture! This 26cm sculpture is intricately hand-crafted out of authentic thuja wood, a material deeply rooted in Chinese culture as it symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. The beautiful sculpture is formed into the shape of a dragon boat, an ancient sailing vessel traditionally used for racing. Every detail of the wealth carving will look fantastic in any landscape or home's décor. It symbolizes financial abundance and brings its owner luck, strength, and protection from bad fortune—a timeless reminder to strive for success.

This lovely addition to your home serves as both decoration and symbolism alike. Impress guests with its thoughtful design, or keep it tucked away for personal luck on your quest for prosperity and happiness. Regardless of where you place this sculpture, one thing’s for certain: the hidden power of wealth will never leave you.

  • Material: Thuja Wood
  • Size approx 26cm
  • Brand: Pengsent Living

Package Incs 

  • 1 x Thuja Wood Dragon Boat Wealth Carving Lucky Sculpture