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2Pc Aluminum Alloy Multi-purpose Woodworking Saw Table Feather Boards

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Bringing precision and accuracy to your next woodworking project, the 2Pc Aluminum Alloy Multi-purpose Woodworking Saw Table Feather Boards will become your most trusted partner in the workshop. Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy and optimally anodized for incredible durability, this essential tool features solid bearing rollers on both sides of the feather board for smooth operation, as well as two expandable sliders for #30/#45 standard slots. It can also be used with small sliders in T slot or back fence mount applications, making it the perfect choice for band saws, inverted carvings, and more. Get ready to take your woodworking skills to the next level with our cutting-edge multi-purpose saw table feather boards!

High quality material The main body is high-strength high-quality aluminum alloy + bearing. The surface is anodized and processed by CNC. It is durable, rustproof and wear-resistant, and the outside is bright!

Strong expandability There are two types of press on the left and right. Each type is equipped with two sliders and two large sliders, which can be used in the # 30/# 45 standard slot, or replaced with small sliders and fixed in the T slot or on the back of the mountain. It can be used for more consoles such as drama, band saw, and inverted carving machine!

Easy to operate The roller height can be flexibly adjusted according to the thickness of the wood!

Safety, no rebound Bearing wheel, shockproof double roller, fixed double slider, sufficient force, stable without shock, smooth and unhindered wood propulsion!

Compared with traditional feather board With inclined angle pulley, it has the function of material guide: safer operation, no rebound of wood, high precision and better stability! 

  • Brand Name: GDART Jighole
  • Size: As shown
  • Package: BOX
  • Product package size: 16.5 * 14.5 * 5.5cm
  • Package weight: 660g 

Package includes:

  • 1 x 2Pc Aluminum Alloy Multi-purpose Woodworking Saw Table Feather Boards (1 left wheel press+1 right wheel press+4 replacement sliders) 


  • 4pc replacement sliders