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35mm Hinge Locator Jig Guide

35mm Hinge Locator Jig Guide

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The alloet 35mm Hinge Locator Jig Guide is the perfect tool for experienced hardwoodworking professionals. It is made of premium and durable aluminum alloy material, with an opener size of 35mm/1.37inch, 2mm drill bit and main body size of 150x80mm/5.90x3.14inch. This invaluable tool has 68mm distance from the door end to infinite hinge position with adjustable drilling depth to accomodate the plywood thickness of 15-25mm/0.59-0.98inch and comes in a sleek black and red finish. It also features adjustable knobs for easy control and expansion, a 3/4/5/6mm hinge offset, perfect for setting up more exact measurement points on different surfaces so that you can perfectly secure doors at any angle you wish! What makes this hinge jig even better is its all-in-one design so that it allows productive efficiency with accurate outcomes each time! It definitely takes the hassle out of professional woodworking projects and makes it more enjoyable than ever before! Invest in the reliable engineering that you deserve with the alloet 35mm Hinge Locator Jig Guide now!

Premium & Durable Material: All aluminum alloy products, beautiful and durable. 68mm from the door end to the infinite hinge position. Suitable for 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm hinge offset. 35MM reaming, small drill bit locating hole.

Easy to Use: With limit ring, the drilling depth can be adjusted. Equipped with universal fixture, the clamping is stable and firm. The drill sleeve adopts precision bearing guide drill sleeve, which makes the drilling more smooth and simple.

Adjustable Drilling Depth: Adjust the distance between the limit ring and the drill sleeve to determine the depth of the hole. This concealed hinge jig is suitable for boards with a thickness of 15mm to 25mm. No longer worry about damaging your cabinet doors with it.

All-in-one Design: Built-in hinge positioning hole making quick locating screw hole position, the attached limit frame precisely locates the exact distance from the center of the hole to the edge of the wood. All-in-one designed to make the main body become sturdy and not easy to shake.

Excellent Woodworking Tool: Upgraded concealed hinge jig kit has perfect punching effect, no traces, complete tools, easy disassembly and assembly, very convenient to use, it is a good tool for furniture factories and woodworking enthusiasts, and it is also family's little helper, your good choice.


  • Certification: CE
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Opener size: About 35mm/1.37inch
  • Drill bit: 2mm
  • Plywood thickness: About 15-25mm/0.59-0.98inch
  • Color: Red+black
  • Hinge offset: 3/4/5/6mm
  • Main body size: About 150x80mm/5.90x3.14inch
  • Brand Name: alloet 

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