39pcs Happy 1st Birthday Pink Confetti Theme Party Decor Kit

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Welcome your little one’s very first birthday and make it extra special with the 39-piece Happy 1st Birthday Pink Confetti Theme Party Decor Kit from WE Party. This special set contains everything you need to create a beautifully coordinated decorations for your loved one’s big day! With one happy birthday banner, 21 beautiful balloons (including 12 inch pink balloons, 12 inch confetti balloons, 12 inch red agate balloons, 40-inch pink number 1, 4 pcs white heart balloons, and 4 pcs pink heart), star strings, golden tassels and white tassels, plus a cake topper, ribbons and tangarine - all specially crafted from strong foil and latex materials – your party is sure to look unique and eye catching! Your baby's birthday will now be remembered as an exceptionally beautiful celebration of their life every time someone looks at your photos. Buy this gorgeous kit today, add some other delightful items from WE Party, such as cups and tableware sets, and give your loved one the best ever birthday party they can ask for!

  • Material: Foil & Latex
  • Brand: WE Party
Package List:
  • 1pcs happy birthday banner
  • 7pcs 12 inch pink balloons 
  • 7pcs 12 inch confetti balloons
  • 7pcs 12 inch red agate balloons
  • 1pcs  40 inch pink numer 1
  • 4pcs 12 inch white heart balloons
  • 4pcs  12 inch pink heart balloons
  • 1 bag star string
  • 1 pack golden tassel
  • 1 pack white  tassel
  • 1 pack pink  tassel
  • 1 pack tangerine
  • 1pcs cake topper
  • 2 pcs ribbons