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3pcs Stainless Steel Saucepan Set with Lids

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Our 3Pcs Stainless Steel Saucepan Set with Lids is the perfect set for everyday cooking. Whether you’re making a simple spaghetti dish or boiling eggs for breakfast, this set of cookware can do it all! The set includes three saucepans designed to accommodate your cooking needs in whatever shape or size you need.

We crafted this durable and reliable cookware using Type 304 stainless steel which makes it strong enough to stand up to daily use and its thick bottom allows heat to evenly distribute and retains heat longer. The included stainless steel lids enhance flavor while providing the flexibility to view food as it cooks – so you can make sure everything is ready just as it should be.

This versatile cookware comes in small, medium, and large sizes, meaning you have options when cooking multiple dishes at the same time without them crowding together in one place. And no matter what cuisine you're preparing, our set will handle the job with ease. This set is perfect for anyone who loves the convenience of an all-in-one solution - from novice home chefs to advanced cooks!

Upgrade your kitchen today with our 3Pcs Stainless Steel Saucepan Set with Lids - quality, performance and convenience at an unbeatable price! 

  • Model Number: lc221
  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel #304, 0.5MM, 3PLY THICK BOTTOM
  • SIZE:
    • 24*8cm (shallow)casserole 
    • 20*11cm  casserole
    • 16*10cm saucepan

Package Incs

  • 1 x 3pcs Stainless Steel Saucepan Set with Lids