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1.8L Automatic Sensor Pet Water Fountain

$73.99 $113.99

Looking for an automatic water fountain that will keep your pet hydrated? Look no further than this 1.8L Automatic Sensor Pet Water Fountain. With two flow modes and a capacity of 1.8L, this fountain is perfect for keeping your cat well-hydrated. The ultra silent pump ensures that your pet won't be disturbed by the sound of running water, and the induction angle ensures that your cat can drink from anywhere around the fountain.


  • The unique replaceable design filter can effectively filtrate the hair, odour, and chlorine. Consequently, the fountain can give cleaner water to pets and reduce the risk of developing illness. Charcoal filter help remove which absorbs odours and bad taste.
  • The unique designed Silent Pump is deployed with customized suction cup to diminish the noise to a minimum.
  • Pet fountain is made of food-grade PC material, eco-friendly, nontoxic, odorless and durable. Simple quick-release structure is designed for easy removal and cleaning.
  • No need to replenish water frequently, and it can meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizes. No need to worry about your pets not getting enough fresh drink when you go to work.
  • 2 Water flow modes(Faucet Mode / Fountain Mode), providing clean running water, make your pets happier and healthier.
  • Visual. Fully transparent design. Powered by USB cable. Safe, hygienic, convenient top-shelf dishwasher safe.


  • Max Output: 200g
  • With Water Dispenser: Yes
  • Power Source: CHARGE
  • Min Output: 50g
  • Material: Plastic
  • LCD Display: No
  • Is Smart Device: NO
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: 15.5x15.5x16.5cm/6.1x6.1x6.5inch
  • Weight: 600g
  • Two flow modes: Faucet Mode / Fountain Mode
  • Ultra Silent Pump: Less 40 dB
  • Sensor Function: Approximately 3m distance
  • Induction angle: cone angle of 180 degree
  • Capacity of water storage tray: 120ml / last for one day
  • Capacity of water tank: 1.8L large capacity / last about one week

Package Incs

  • 1 x 1.8L Automatic Sensor Pet Water Fountain 
  • 1 x Water fountain filter