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5/25/50pcs Natural Catappa Aquarium Treatment Leaves

$8.99 $13.99

Looking to keep your aquarium water sparkling clean and healthy? Look no further than our 5/25/50pcs Natural Catappa Aquarium Treatment Leaves! These leaves act as a purifier and stabilizer, keeping your fish and plants looking their best. Plus, our leaves are easy to use – simply add them to your tank and let them work their magic!


  • helps to inhibit bacteria to cause disease in fish .
  • helps to prevent parasites to come.
  • helps to reduce stress to the fish .
  • assists in wound healing Because it contains tannins that are jewels in wound healing .
  • to help accelerate the beautifully colored fish .
  • helps to adjust the PH of the water.
  • For many fish species it feels just like home. Leaves and leaf litter makes the environment more natural.
  • Very nice for fish and invertebrates to nibble on between meals.

    Package Incs

    • 1 x 5/25/50pcs Natural Catappa Aquarium Treatment Leaves