100/122pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit

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Make your day special with our 100/122pc Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decoration Kit from WeParty! Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, retirement celebration, or house moving, you can never go wrong with colorful decorations. Our kit includes 103 pcs of 10in Macaron White Balloon 40pcs, 18in Macaron White Balloon 2pcs, 10in Macaron Gray Balloon 30pcs, 5in Macaron Gray Balloon 10pcs, 18in 4D Silver Balloon 3pcs and 10in Metal Silver balloon 10pcs plus 8in Agate Black balloons to give your special event that perfect touch. We'll even provide you with the necessary accessories: a 5m Balloon Chain and Dot Glue (100pc). Or choose set 2 with 122 pcs of 5in/10in Maca Pink and Cream Balloons plus 4 Rose 4D Balloons from our professional collection. From joyous occasions to children's day celebrations, get your ready-to-go decoration kit now at an amazing price! With WeParty on your team to make organizing easier still can't fail to impress !
  • Material: Latex
  • Brand : WeParty
Grey Set package includes 103 pcs:
  • 10inch Macaron White Balloon  40pcs 
  • 18inch Macaron White Balloon 2pcs
  • 10inch Macaron Gray Balloon 30pcs 
  • 5inch Macaron Gray Balloon 10pcs
  • 18inch 4D sliver Balloon 3pcs 
  • 10inch Metal sliver Balloon 10pcs 
  • 10inch Agate black balloon 8pcs
  • Free to you:5m Balloon Chain*1
  •                    dot glue*1(100pcs)
Pink Set 122 Pcs Package List
  • Maca Pink Balloons
  • (5inch*20,10inch*30,18inch*2)
  • Maca Cream Balloons
  • (5inch*20,10inch*30)
  • Rose 4D Balloons:18inch*4
  • 10inch Agate Balloons*16
  • Free Gifts:
  • balloon chain*1
  • 1 dot glue*100pcs