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Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

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Say goodbye to inconvenient cables and say hello to convenience with the iMice Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse! This lightweight keyboard is a must-have for any device that has a bluetooth connection. The wireless connection and sleek size make it perfect for limited space and comfortable use on a variety of devices such as tablets, cell phones, laptops, PCs, and more. Its CE Certified design ensures its quality and safety while being nice on the budget too. With its variety of functions and portability, the iMice Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse is definitely not an item to be missed!

Rechargeability Both the keyboard and mouse contain lithium batteries and are both rechargeable (charging cables are provided). Under normal circumstances, it can be used for 168 hours after charging for two or three hours, which is about one month.

Wide Compatibility The Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with four major operating systems: IOS/Android/Windows/MacOS, and provides system-specific function keys for each operating system. Any Bluetooth-enabled device can be easily paired with the keyboard, such as laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc., with broad compatibility. The mouse is a dual-mode design that supports Bluetooth mode and wireless mode.

Silent Design This keyboard and mouse are designed to be silent, even in a quiet environment, you can use it with confidence without worrying about affecting the people around you.

Light and Portable This bluetooth keyboard itself weighs only 200g, is thin and light, easy to carry, and will not increase the burden even on business trips.

  • Brand Name: iMice 

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  • 1 x Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse 
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