3D Honeycomb Orthopaedic Bed Pillow

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Introducing the revolutionary 3D Honeycomb Orthopaedic Bed Pillow, specifically designed to help relieve stress and keep your neck and head protected while sleeping! This unique pillow brings together five unbeatable advantages that help guarantee a safe and sound sleep every night.

The Decompression Head Neck feature in this pillow provides an innovative hollow honeycomb shape that will gently soothe your cervical spine and evenly distribute pressure points. And with its Soft Waxy Q Bomb material, the sleep black technology ensures a rebound of 0.16 seconds for a dynamic fit for your sleeping position. And for those occasional spill accidents, the entire pillow itself can be directly washed clean – ensuring long-term anti-oxidation performance keeps things nice and stable even after multiple washes.

As a bonus, this Orthopaedic Bed Pillow is also made with TPE technology for an extra soft and elastic feel which allows you to enjoy smooth motions when turning over in bed. The Wavy Curve Two Height feature further supports this due to its ergonomic shape which fits the curves of your shoulder and neck perfectly – broken donw into multiple angles to disperse pressure points at once!

Don't let anything stand in between you and getting the perfect night's sleep: Get the 3D Honeycomb Orthopaedic Bed Pillow now!
  • Decompression Head Neck innovative hollow honeycomb shape soothes the cervical spine, and evenly relieves pressure.
  • Soft Waxy Q Bomb the rebound of 0.16 seconds dynamically fits the sleeping position.
  • Directly Washed whole pillow can be washed clean and safe.
  • TPE technology new material, extraordinary fine and soft elastic, turning over more smoothly.
  • Wavy Curve Two Height Wave-shaped ergonomic design, durable, fits the shoulder and neck curve, supports the head and neck in multiple angles, and breaks down the pressure.
  • Weight: 3kg(Adult)
  • Thread Count: 400TC
  • Size: 52x35x10-8cm
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Shape: Wave Pillowcase
  • Material: TPE 

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  • 1 x 3D Honeycomb Orthopaedic Bed Pillow