Purple Clay Porcelain Gaiwan Kung Fu Chinese Tea Set

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Introducing the Purple Clay Porcelain Gaiwan Kung Fu Chinese Tea Set from OEIN. Enjoy a traditional and luxurious tea ceremony with this 7-9 person set, perfect for getting together with family and friends for the ultimate social gathering. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift idea or want to complete your own beverages collection, this Chinese tea set is an absolute must have!

The stylized design, crafted from classic Chinese purple clay porcelain, lends an air of elegance and class to any kitchen or event. Featuring 14 pieces ranging from matcha sets to ceramic teapots, you’ll be fully equipped for every eventuality with this delightful set. Immerse yourself in the historic decorative designs oozing with ancient charm while you enjoy your favorite brews prepared in true Aristocratic style.

Cultivate tranquility into your life with the timeless ceremonial practice of drinking tea accompanied by relaxation and pure pleasure. Master a whole new way of engaging with delicious refreshments – get your hands on one of these magnificent sets today!

  • Material : Purple Clay Pottery
  • Number of Users: 7-9
  • Brand Name: oein 
  • Sizes: pls refer to pictures

Package Incs

  • 1 x Purple Clay Porcelain Gaiwan Kung Fu Chinese Tea Set