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Non-stick Frying Pan Cookware

Non-stick Frying Pan Cookware

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Enjoy cooking with our Non-stick Frying Pan Cookware! This multifunctional pan features 2 different styles (burger pan and 4-hole egg pan) to meet all your cooking needs. Made of high-quality aluminum and medical stone non-stick coating, this pan ensures quick and even heat distribution while still being easy to clean. Plus, its unique temperature control silicone handle is designed to protect you from the heat. Prepare deliciously cooked meals with ease!

Multifunctional: Our frying pan has 2 different styles (burger pan and 4-hole egg pan) If you want to cook multiple foods at once, then our 4-hole egg burger frying pan is the right product for you. It has 4 split molds with non-stick coating to cook eggs, crepes and pancakes together. Suitable for both gas and induction hobs.

High Quality: Unlike stereotypical pans, this omelette pan is made of high-quality aluminum that delivers and controls heat quickly. The medical stone non-stick coating design does not stick to the pan and is easy to clean. It is easy to wash with water after cooking. Oil stains are easily removed with just a soft sponge or cloth.

Unique Design: The temperature control silicone strip is fixed on our poached egg pan, and it will change color when the temperature rises (the temperature sensing strip is red at low temperature, and turns white as the temperature rises), so you can confirm the food Is it cooked.

Safe Cooking: The extended anti-scald handle increases your safety and makes this pan the perfect cookware.

Scope of Application: The non-stick omelette pan is suitable for all types of stoves, compatible with gas stoves and induction cookers.


  • Omelette Pan: Fried Eggs Pans
  • Cooking Saucepan: Breakfast Making Pan
  • Type: Pans
  • Pans Type: Omelette Pans
  • Wok type: Non-stick
  • Pot Cover Type: Without Pot Cover
  • Model Number: Omelette Pan
  • Color: White, Black
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + bakelite handle
  • Product size:
  • Pot: About 19x21cm/7.48x8.26inch
  • Handle length: 16cm/6.29inch
  • Single hole diameter: 9cm/3.54inch
  • Pot depth: 2cm/0.78inch
  • Packing: Kraft paper box
  • Scope of application: Induction cooker/gas cooker universal
  • Style(optional): A: 3-in-1 White B: 3-in-1 Black C: 4-hole White D: 4-hole Black 

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  • 1 x Non-stick Frying Pan Cookware 
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