Crosley Voyager Bluetooth Turntable Floral w/ D40 Bluetooth Speakers

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Join Crosley's mission to bring analogue music to the masses with the Voyager three-speed turntable. The clean, vintage-inspired aesthetic fits into any space, while the lightweight design allows this record player to travel further than anyone, or anything in history. Spin 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM records or launch the built-in Bluetooth transmitter or receiver to send your digital music wirelessly. Discover the RCA outputs on the back that allow you to easily plug into your existing solar music system or bigger speakers to add propulsion to any party. Drop the needle on a reissue of the golden record, probe the adjustable pitch control knob to dial in the speed and prepare for blast off!
Includes theMajority D40 Bluetooth Speakers with built-in amplifiers and dual speakers, you can blast out all your favourite media from music to movies to meetings via video with these small but mighty speakers.
- Portable Turntable- Belt Driven- Plays 3Speeds - 33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM- Records- Built-in Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter- Built-in Full-Range Stereo SpeakerHeadphone Jack- RCA Output- Cueing Lever
Majority D40 Bluetooth Speakers Features
- Remote Control- Bluetooth, AUX-in & RCA Connectivity- SD Card Slot- USB Playback- Optical Output- Dimensions: 22.3cm x 13.7cm x 17.9cm; 3.80kg- StereoSpeakers