Cypress Nichiren Buddha Statue Ornament

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Make a statement of tranquility, faith and peace with this Cypress Nichiren Buddha Statue Ornament. Each carefully crafted piece is designed in exquisite detail and truly captures the character of the ancient Eastern designs. Its wooden construction is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for adorning any wall or tabletop area in your home or office. It makes an excellent gift idea as well!

The unique design of this Cypress Nichiren Buddha Statue Ornament has both tremendous creativity and dynamic beauty. This ornament encapsulates everything people love about Chinese culture. The stunning craftsmanship perfectly highlights your own appreciation for history and timeless art – It’s sure to be a favorite among friends and family!

Bring a touch of serene Zen style into your home with this amazing take on a timeless classic. With its handmade quality construction, intricate details, and bold imagery – This ornament is bound to become a welcomed feature in any home or office. Whether used as decoration or presented as a thoughtful gift – It’s sure to bring joy to your living space!

  • Material: Wood
  • sizes Small, medium or Large

Package Incs

  • 1 x Cypress Nichiren Buddha Statue Ornament