Dual Battery Isolator 12V 140 Amp VSR Voltage Sensitive Relay 4WD Camper Camping

Sale price$98.90


Continuous Current:140A

Max Current:160A

Current Draw - Charging:280mA

Current Draw - Standby:8mA

Disengage delay:5-10 Seconds

Recommended Fuse:80Amp

Power Studs:M6 Stainless Steel

Surge Protection:Built-in



Package Content:
1x140Amp Smart Battery Isolator+1x7AWG/10.5mm2 x 12inch Red Cable with two connectors
1x3AWG/26.7mm2 x 12inch Black Cable with two connectors+1x7AWG/10.5mm2 x 24inch Red Cable (cut to length, with single connector)
2x7mm Lug Connector, 1x6mm Lug Connector+2x34mm Red Shrink Tube
2 pcs 3M dual lock

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