Boxwood Guan Gon Buddha Decoration Statue

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Welcome the majestic Guan Yu into your home with our exquisite Boxwood Guan Gon Buddha Decoration Statue! Crafted from 100% solid small leaf boxwood and delicately carved, this majestic statue is full of style, life and energy. Not only will it bring modern art elegance to any space in your home or office, but the carefully crafted features provide a sense of comfort and tranquillity as well. An exquisitely unique organic material piece, you'll absolutely love what this statue brings to your environment. Delight in its bright color, environmental protection qualities, never fading durability and very fine carving that looks great no matter where you choose to place this special piece. From gracing your kitchen counter or living room resting proudly on a desk or mantle shelf - the possibilities are endless! No matter where you decide to make this little beauty part of your decor, its endless charm and character will take centre stage for years to come!

  • Color: as shown
  • Material: solid wood (small leaf boxwood)
  • Size: For details, see reference diagram

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Boxwood Guan Gon Buddha Decoration Statue