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103/191/350pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit

103/191/350pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Party Decor Decoration Kit

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Create an unforgettable celebration with the WE PARTY 103/191/350pcs Latex Balloons Garland Arch Kit! Whether you're throwing a baby shower, birthday party, or wedding reception, this set is exactly what you need for a stunning and stylish display.

The 350pcs Blue theme A set includes 5 inch maca white 52 pieces, metal silver 15 pieces, maca blue 84 pieces; 10 inch maca white 55 pieces, metal silver 25 pieces, maca blue 110 pieces; 12 inch maca blue 5 pieces. 18 inch white 2 pcs and blue 2 pcs, 2 rolls of 5m balloon chain and 2 rolls of dispensing for convenience are also included. This set will make your guests feel like royalty!

The 191pcs Blue theme B set includes 60 - 5" maca blue pieces and 30 maca white pieces. There are also 60 - 10" macas blue pieces plus 10 Macaw whites. 12" Macaw White contains 10 Pieces along with 18” Maca Blue 1 Piece and 10” 4D Silver Balls with 5 Pieces each as well as 15” 4D Silver Balls having 5 Pieces each too. And one roll of 100 points Balloon Dispenser in addition to the one roll of 5 meters Balloon Chain will make sure that everything goes smoothly at your event!

Finally the 103pcs Blue Theme includes 20 pcs of both 5-inch Maca Blue piece and Mac Mint Green to spice things up along with 15 Metal Silver Pieces from the same size category giving you enough covering for any party with all sorts of decors! Along it comes 20-inch Maca Blue Pieces with the same quantity for Mint Green as well! With only just 2-Pieces added for 18", don't worry about preparing decors for much longer party nights too because this package was made exclusively for every kind of event no matter how long it might last! You can start planning now before other people show up to snatch them first from your hands!

  • Material: Latex
  • Brand Name: WE PARTY
350PCS Blue Theme A set includes:
  • 5 inch Maca white 52, metal silver 15, Maca blue 84
  • 10 inch Maca white 55, metal silver 25, maca blue 110
  • 12 inch Maca blue 5
  • 18 inch white 2 pcs, blue 2 pcs
  • 5m balloon chain 2 rolls
  • Dispensing 2 rolls
191PCS Blue Theme B set includes:
  • 60 5 inch maca blue and 30 maca white
  • 60-inch maca blue 60 pcs, maca white 10 pcs
  • 12 inch Maca white 10
  • 18 inch Maca blue 1
  • 10 inch 4D silver balls 5
  • 15 inch 4D silver balls 5
  • 5m balloon chain 1 roll
  • 100 points balloon dispensing 1 roll
103pcs blue theme contains: 
  • 5 inch maca blue 20 pcs, maca mint green 20 pcs, metal silver 15 pcs
  • 10 inch maca blue 20 pcs, maca mint green 20 pcs
  • 18 inch maca blue 2 pcs, maca mint green 1 pc
  • 1 roll of 5m balloon chain, one roll of 100 dots  
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