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Kids Telescopic Fishing Rod And Casting Reel Combo Kit

Kids Telescopic Fishing Rod And Casting Reel Combo Kit

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Bring your kids the perfect fishing adventure with this Kids Telescopic Fishing Rod and Casting Reel Combo Kit! This kit includes all the essential tools and accessories to get your little anglers hooked on fishing. The telescopic rod is designed for easy storage, and is adjustable in length for a comfortable grip. The fishing reel is already loaded with a 40m nylon line for convenience. Plus, a variety of sequins, fishing hooks, and soft bait to explore a rich and exciting underwater world!


  • Packing size: about 43*11.5*14cm/17*4.5*5.5in
  • Pole length: about 1.2 m/3.97 feet
  • Package weight: about 643g

Packing List:

  • 1*mini sea pole
  • 1*built-in fishing reel (including 40 meters of nylon line)
  • 5*sequins set
  • 20*6cm/1.8g soft fish
  • 1*6cm/13g thunder frog
  • 1*10cm/9g mino
  • 1*9cm/8.5g mino
  • 1*10.2cm/14.5g rock
  • 1*7.5cm/11g popa
  • 5*1g head hooks
  • 1*fishing gear storage bag
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