Majority Superstar Kids Headphones - Pink

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Theshare port feature allows multiple headphones to be connected to one device, no splitters or special cables are needed. SoftTouch material allows for rugged durability, a delicate feel, and a comfortable fit. Studio-grade 40mm drivers render sound more clearly, enabling lower volume levels.

Polycarbonates are designed for strength and the ability to maintain luster over time. Industrial-grade stainless steel retains shape and provides high wear and fatigue resistance. The Majority Superstar KIDS headphones are designed for safety first. All of our headphones and earphones are volume-limited to 85-94 dB.


-Designed for Kids
- Great Audio Performance (Video, Music, and Gaming)
- Volume-limited to 85-94 dB
-Recommended for ages 2-6
- Foldable
- High-Quality Polycarbonate headband
- Includes1.2 metrepremiumtangle-free Audio Cable
- Inline Microphone and Audio Controls