Blinded Greek Goddess of Wealth Statue Sculpture Decoration

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Introducing the Blinded Greek Goddess of Wealth Statue - a stunningly detailed sculpture that is sure to add an extra touch of luck and prosperity to your home, office or workplace. Carefully crafted with high-quality durable resin, this statue perfectly replicates Fortuna Plouto, the greek goddess of wealth and abundance. As you can see from photos, she is depicted carrying a cornucopia in one hand from which all good things flowed in abundance - representing her ability to bestow prosperity.

The fine level of detail on The Goddess of Wealth Statue is truly unparalleled, with lifelike depictions of the goddess herself, the horn of plenty and shimmering gold coins. Not only that, the statue comes complete in an exquisitely packaged gift box suitable for any occasion - making it a great choice as a present too! Whether it be for friends, family or relatives who love ancient greek art and mythology as well as anyone looking to add a unique conversation piece to their collection; this statue exudes excellence in artistry – just take one look and you’ll be hooked! So don’t wait around - get your hands on The Blinded Greek Goddess of Wealth Statue today for guaranteed luck and fortune in spades! 

  • Material: Resin
  • Small size:10cmx10cmx30cm/3.93"x3.93"x11.8"
  • Color: Retro Gold, Blue, Bronze

Package included:

  • 1 x Blinded Greek Goddess of Wealth Statue Sculpture Decoration