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Soundproof Ear Protector Earmuff

Soundproof Ear Protector Earmuff

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Experience total soundproofing with our Soundproof Ear Protector Earmuff. Composed of ABS shells and sound-absorbing materials, this ear protector can reduce noise up to 30dB. It fits all ear types, and is perfect for loud environments such as shooting ranges and outdoor services. Protect your ears today with this comfortable, lightweight, and noise-cancelling earmuff.

  • The noise-proof earmuffs are composed of two round shell-shaped bodies connected by a bow frame, and sound-absorbing materials and sealing gaskets are attached to the shells, and the whole shape is like earphones. 
  • Suitable for environments with high noise, the sound attenuation can reach 30dB. It can be used alone or in combination with earplugs. 
  • Suitable for all ear types. Easy to take off.


  • Material: ABS
  • Lining material: sponge
  • Noise reduction rate: 30
  • Color: Army Green
  • Functional: sound and noise reduction
  • Scope of application: shooting decoration ground service
  • Model Number: Earmuff
  • Certification: CE

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  • 1 x Soundproof Ear Protector Earmuff
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