Roaring Tiger Statue Animal Ornament Sculpture

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Bring the wild and majestic roar of a tiger into your home with this stylish Roaring Tiger Statue Animal Ornament Sculpture. Constructed from Ivory Fruit, this modern art sculpture is sure to be a hit at parties, making it an essential part of your home decor. Not only does it look great but it's also full of symbolism. Ancient Chinese culture believes that tigers represent physical strength and protection from evil; therefore, placing this statue in your living room or bedroom is like bringing the power and the protection of a tiger spirit into your life! Not only will you experience peace of mind thanks to its protective powers, but you'll also enjoy looking at this exquisitely crafted piece every day. With its vibrant colors and impressive size, the Roaring Tiger Statue really makes a statement. Bring striking style to your home decor today with this unique animal sculpture!

  • color : as shown
  • Material: Ivory Fruit (Coconut Bodhi)
  • Size: 28*10*20 / 11*3.93*7.86 in

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  • 1 x Roaring Tiger Statue Animal Ornament Sculpture