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3 Ton Steel Single Scissor Pallet Puller Clamp with Convex Teeth

3 Ton Steel Single Scissor Pallet Puller Clamp with Convex Teeth

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Effortlessly pull pallets with the 3 Ton Steel Single Scissor Pallet Puller Clamp. The solid steel construction and powder coat finish provide strength and durability. The convex teeth clamp head with 10 steel teeth on each side easily grabs pallets up to 6.3" wide. Increase gripping power and easily access pallets with this reliable and sturdy tool.

EFFORTLESS PULL DESIGN - Effortlessly pull pallets to the trailer door for easy fork truck access. Scissor design increases gripping power as more pulling force is applied. Single Scissor action allows for wider jaw opening.

SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Solid steel structure with a powder coat finish, high strength, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, not easy to lose paint, compact and light weight, sturdy and durable, safe and reliable.

CONVEX TEETH CLAMP HEAD】- 10 steel convex teeth on either side of jaw can easily grab pallets, strong occlusal degree, not easy to fall off. The jaws can open up to 6.3” wide. It has a pulling capacity of 3 Ton/ 6614 lb.

PREMIUM NUT & END LOOP- Three anti-skid nuts fixing, can be arbitrarily changed to adjust the use, more convenient and fast. The premium American arched end loop can connect to a chain or strap, safe and solid.

HIGH VISIBILITY- The pallet paller comes in a bright yellow color for best visibility against your other parts and tools. Vibrant color allows you to spot the puller across your workshop or warehouse and against any background.

  • Max Pulling Capacity:3 T/6614 lb

  • Max Jaw Opening:16 cm/6.3 inch

  • Jaw Teeth Height:1.2 cm/0.5 inch

  • Thickness: 1.2 cm/0.5 inch

  • Length: 53 cm/21 inch

  • Width: 30-40 cm/12-16 inch

  • Weight: 8 kg/18 lb

Package Content
  • 1 x 3 Ton Steel Single Scissor Pallet Puller Clamp with Convex Teeth

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